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PEACHY volume one

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RELEASE DATE MAY 8, 2020 review full tracks for a few days ...

Spontaneous creativity is the key element in jazz music. This is a gathering of bold spontaneous composers lead by one of the fearless adventurers in the world of on-the-spot jazz music creation!

Richard Howell calls his music "Bridge Music" it finds the pathway to make connection linking us together as one. The "bridge construction crew" : Glen Pearson is free flowing and on point playing piano, he keeps you spellbound. David Frazier offers undeniable grooves steeped in African folklore and history. David Ewell laid foundations of bass groove with a special attention to respecting silence and space. Bold ,courageous and brave is the approach of drummer Ele Salif Howell clearly tribal and African ceremonial. With a strong sense of the masters and fluent style Rafa Postel stands tall in his musical presence as a soulful trumpeter.

Bandleader, producer ,award winning composer, spontaneous composer, undaunted with living in the moment saxophonist Richard Howell contributed to the support of what Love sounds like. Recorded "live" in Mill Vally, California at the beautiful Throckmorton Theatre by recordist /producer Adrian Wong.

Richard Howell creates "Bridge Music" with the idea of unifying while offering a truce from disagreeable and painful current events. The album "Peachy volume one " is a live recording that offers extended compositions . The adventure is felt when being a part of these spontaneous developments unfolding right before your ears. Musical twist and turns abound makes this exciting listening . over an hour listening from volume one. be sure to purchase volume two .Richard offered a two and half hour concert of never heard prior music a WORLD PREMIERE. SHARE THIS WITH A FRIEND .

Glen Pearson-piano David Frazier-percussion David Ewell- bass Ele Salif Howell -drums Rafa Postel- trumpet Richard Howell -saxophones

Recorded by Adrian Wong with RCHowellMusic Production copyright 2020 RCHowellMusic ASCAP

recorded October 5,2019

Throckmorton Theatre Mill Valley, California

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