HOWELL is way overdue for some serious attention from other presenters. MONTEREY, SFJAZZ, STANFORD IT'S TIME TO GET ON THE HOWELL TRAIN!” - ANDREW GILBERT

— San Jose Mercury news

RICHARD HOWELL'S  A LOVE SUPREME IS one of the most exciting fresh new groups of the season. Howell performs with the spirit of those who have come before with magical abilities to reach an audience to sing, dance and reflect as to a "sonic baptism" of praise and glory. Pushing the future of jazz is the ensemble of love, compassion, and youth prodigies. We will hear quite a bit from pianist Ian McArdle, bassist Nick Panoutsos and drummer Ele Salif Howell. These young musical talents are already making their names known throughout the jazz community as the ones to carry the torch. THESE GUYS SERIOUSLY PLAY!

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