Richard Howell is an acclaimed musician, composer and educator whose music celebrates diversity as it bridges, unites and merges the experience of all listeners. He defines it as ‘Bridge Music”. ”Bridge Music '' is a jazz pathway over obstacles that joins differences and links through the sonic connection. Its roots are based in the spirit of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme ”, in the contradiction of James Brown's simplistic yet complicated African inspired rhythmic concepts to the deep soulfulness of the Isley Brothers forever touching our hearts.  Richard has a spiritual way of connecting to audiences of all ages and producing crowd moving performances. Richard appeals to multi-generational crowds, mostly quality music enthusiasts of multiple genres and cultures.


Richard Howell is a secret weapon of the Bay Area music scene, an artist who's provided the creative glue holding together an extraordinary range of projects. Richard and his group Richard Howell Quartet won an Izzie Award for his collaboration with choreographer Gregory Dawson in birds eye view at the Black Choreographers Festival. He's produced several albums by the Bay Area Afro-Brazilian ensemble Vivendo de Pão, as well as the award-winning jazz/spoken-word ensemble UpSurge! And he played an essential role as producer, arranger and soloist on two albums by the Mo’Rockin Project,which created a singular synthesis of jazz and R&B with traditional North African modes and instruments.


He has performed and recorded with numerous Pop, Soul, and Jazz music icons such as Etta James, Chaka Khan and Maurice White and the new voice of jazz, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. He has toured the globe from America to Africa including the Zellerbach Hall and the Royal Albert Hall and participated in the Newport and New Orleans Jazz Festivals. Today he lectures Jazz History with JazzTree Education internationally, he is an intricate part of Oaktown Jazz Workshops, an active saxophonist, and educator a producer of Jazz, Funk, World and Pop music, he also leads two extremely innovative Jazz ensembles, RHQuartet and Richard Howell and Sudden Changes. 


Richard has performed or recorded with various genre of wonderful music  ; Etta James, Maurice White,B.B.King, Taj Mahal, Chaka Khan, Don Cherry, Billy Higgins ,Charlie Haden, Babatunde Lea, Omar Sosa, Christian Scott, Phenix Horns Esq (EWF horns), Kelly Patterson, Gene Russell, Tupac Shakur, Albert King, Vivendo de Pao, Narada Micheal Walden, Ray Charles, Motels, Carlos Santana , Samba Sock, Salif Keita , Houssaine Kili, The Mo Rockin'Project ,Juggy Murray, Hilton Ruiz, Taj Mahal among many more.


Richard is a Cannonball Saxophone Artist.

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