Pain Relief

Pain Relief


Wishing you all save during this COVID-19 crisis-STAY HOME go through this site and explore spend a few hours listening . 

Your donation is tax-deductible and deeply appreciated. 

COVID-19 has everyone deeply concerned if not totally horrified. The call is to remain positive, smart, connected, compassionate, and giving when you can.   I am blessed to be naturally creative with ideas flowing constantly. In fact, I have to pretend sometimes and ignore entire symphonic pieces in my head. Playing the saxophone, percussion, bass and other instruments is a developed skill yet still to master. Creating is a divine gift I am grateful to be able to share the fruit of its existence. We will get through this crisis by following the science, being thoughtful of others, coming together in the heart if not physical at the moment. Together As One is my call. This crisis does have the ability to unite us. Take a moment and Dance, dance like nobody is watching, dance until you cry from gratitude that you can, Dance in honor of someone who cannot. Dance, Dance Dance and feel what I am offering because it is for you. YOU CAN INSPIRE! 



new videos have been created during the COVID-19 pandemic . It is a release and an attempt to lift the spirit, mourn, and honor the loss of life and Shepard us to review beauty, art, and hope of a future filled with love. Give what you can it will be appreciated! 

The videos below have been created during the COVID-19 crisis. 

0h ”If you are a program director or disc jockey for your areas jazz station and would like to have the album sent to on Cd contact me. Take a moment and review this website then share the site and the music with your audience. IYOUWE an innovative record label created by legendary drummer /composer Lenny White.

Publicist: Scott Thompson e: (203) 400-1818  415.465-3114 



4480 Paradise Drive.

Tiburon, California 94920 





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