Purchasing my music, attending concerts and workshops, offering encouragement while spreading the word about the music and the work I do is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much. 

You can strengthen benevolence, your love for humanity by supporting my ideas, values, and talents, it is also an investment in the community and jobs.”  I have supported efforts to advance education for all, especially the youth and the aging, preserve the environment, improve lives and livelihoods through my music. 

I plan to continue with these actions. There has been generosity expressed in many ways to encourage me to continue. My work is ongoing and there is still a need to educate,  lift spirits, remind us to be mindful of each other and ourselves. It takes a lot of heart and soul to maintain this effective force. There is a way you and others can contribute and be of great help. 

Please advocate and become a regular supporter or gracious one-time champion with your financial donation.  It is tax deductible!  

In gratitude I humbly thank you.   “We Are All Connected...”