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The anticipated album for an award-winning composer. One of the many highlights of this album is the remake of the critically acclaimed song “WE ARE ALL CONNECTED” I kept getting request to rerelease the original after it had been performed at memorials, Passover seder, union meeting openings, gatherings involving unity and performed at middle school and high school combo bands in all parts of the world, it even made to the Oval Office during the Obama Administration A song of the times, I chose to offer another version with the thought of it connecting even more people, again bring light.

Hold on folks we are indeed having the time of our lives from the pandemic, untruth, global unrest, and the like. It has always been for decades my honor and position to create art that contains healing properties as well as address social change, today's events are no different I continue to share art expressing positivity, love, compassion, honesty unabashed while fearless to hold those accountable in the most respectful manner recalling first the golden rule.

“Moon Over Tiburon” my first solo album in a while. There were plans to record in 2020 with my group Richard Howell and Sudden Changes. Covid-19 reminded us we all faced sudden changes. we were shelter-in place-locked down. Prior to the lockdown, I enlisted alumni from my group RHQ like the soulful virtuoso pianist Frederick Harris and bassist Gary Brown and from Richard Howell and Sudden Changes the extraordinary talents of Elé Salif Howell and David Frazier while introducing a few bright and talented younger creatives, trombone prodigy Jasim Perales, dynamic bassist Nick Panoutsos and spirited pianist Ian McArdle. The album enjoyed an incredible mix of multi-generational souls bringing light to the darkness. the CD WILL be available for the holidays In memory of Victor McElhaney.

DEDICATED to the families worldwide who suffered the loss of a loved one from Covid


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