A LOVE SUPREME- revisiting the music of John Coltrane


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The music of John Coltrane has been enjoyed worldwide by the audience and performed by almost every jazz musician on the planet. There have been movements, spiritual awakenings, and transformations just from the iconic album A LOVE SUPREME. Because of its devotion, beauty, and perfection, I was hesitant to record the album. But, I have had the privilege to perform music by John Coltrane on many stages in various configurations as a sideman and as a leader. I gathered a younger generation of musicians who are devoted to this music and I made a choice to record A LOVE SUPREME with so much joy and conviction offered to it. I thought it unfair to not release it. For many, the original album by John Coltrane is sacred ground. Oh, I understand I feel that way myself. But I believe John Coltrane's offering was also created to be enjoyed by others as well as expressing his spiritual devotion. This is our offering to the spirit and the creator. We give thanks and praise to John Coltrane as well. This album has not been advertised as released. If you heard it on your local radio station or live stream it was offered here. Please enjoy. Elé Salif Howell fully expressed on drums, Nick Panoutsos solidly performing bass, Ian McArdle soothing our soul with piano, Jasim Perales bringing another beauty of surprise on trombone. I trust you will find this album invigorating.

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